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Our Story

Nicky Robertson

Nicky is one of New Zealand's top hairdressers. Seven years in the UK saw her implement financial structures and training systems, growing the company in which she worked into a well recognised brand. She formed strong alliances with major product companies like L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf. Nicky was part of a strong team that entered the L'Oreal portfolio of artistic hairdressers-UK as well as the Matrix artistic team-UK and New York.

Since returning to New Zealand she has won the Di-Fi Stylist of the Year, been runner-up for American Crew NZ and twice been a finalist in L'Oreal Supreme Hairdresser of the Year. One award that she treasures above all others is Best Stylist in the Waikato 2006. This was voted by the public. NV is the name of her Hamilton business at 194 Victoria Street.

NV stands for New Vision and it is an upmarket, concept boutique salon offering strong European trends.A need for exceptionally high standards of hairdressing in the Waikato was a key prompt for Nicky going into business. As a goal setter and passionate person Nicky is well suited to this highly competitive profession. The constantly changing and evolving hairdressing industry keeps her focused, month to month on her goals ...and she is always setting new ones.

Nicky set up in the Waikato as she saw a wide opening for someone with the finely honed skills that she has to offer. She has been able to deliver the goods to a grateful Waikato audience. Nicky believes that having the vision to step outside the square and bring to the Waikato superior service in all aspects of hairdressing is the key to her success.