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Spray Tanning

Looking for that gorgeous, natural looking tan all year round?

I only use a solution that is 100% NEW ZEALAND made, PARABEN & ALCOHOL FREE
Using a hand-held spray tanning system which allows for precision and accuracy, while delivering a beautiful, safe and natural looking tan.
Call today and make your next tan your best accessory!


Preparing your skin before a spray tan is one of the key aspects to achieving a jaw dropping, long lasting tan that will be the envy of all your friends
Wax or shave at least 24-hours prior to your spray tan
spray-tanning-hamiltonExfoliate & Moisturise your body the night before, paying attention to the elbows, knees, ankles and arm pits
On the day of your tan, please remove all make up & jewelry, please do not apply deodorant, moisturisers or perfumes
I supply disposable G strings & hair nets, however if you feel more comfortable wearing your own dark underwear or bikini, feel free to do so.
Wear dark, loose clothing & avoid any clothing or footwear that may cause friction on the skin. You may also want to bring an old towel to sit on for the car ride home.

After tan care

spray-tanning-hamilton-nz Keep your spray tan looking fresh and natural with these helpful maintenance tips.
Avoid contact with water for the first 2  hours
Shower lightly and quickly in lukewarm water, the brown bronzer is then washed away, while your tan continues to deepen and develop for another 24 hours.
Towel blot your body to dry
Moisturise daily with TAN EXTEND to maintain your tan. Tan Extend is a great investment to extend the life of your spray tan. Be sure to wash your hands after use as it contains DHA.
The use of hot baths, spas and swimming will reduce the life of your tan.


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